Richie Hawtin At Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 – Live DJ Minting Explained – Masterclass & Performance with MODEL 1

As the web3 world continues to move forward, Richie Hawtin has started to integrate live minting of special moments from his DJ performances as the start of a system envisioned by him and his team for some time concerning ownership and payment of the music played in DJ sets. His presentation at ADE revealed a new system they have been building on Unreal Engine which takes his performance movements and modulations into new Web3 territory.

Visually, a virtual world has been built in Unreal Engine by VanTa Digital and Marc Houle that includes a virtual version of the PLAYdifferently MODEL 1 mixer which is connected to a customised MIDI version of the MODEL 1 in the real world. All of Richie’s actions on the mixer during a performance are reflected in the metaverse MODEL 1 in real time via MIDI data that is sent into the virtual world system and connected to the sliders, knobs and LEDs.

Thanks to all who came out to this presentation and thanks to the artists for their music featured in this performance, all listed below:

1. lcc01234art – ‘SORT’
2. Rkay – ‘Running Thoughts’
3. Hernan Paredes – ‘Come On (For Richie Hawtin)’
4. JAAKP4W – ‘ID 18’
5. SOEL – ‘A Taste of Immortality’
6. Yuri Urano – ‘Piano Reverse’
7. Project 5AM – ‘Jupiter’s Dawn’
8. noise nigthbord – ‘F’
9. Dusk Poem – ‘Livid Reality’
10. JungAdub – ‘You Don’t Belong’
11. Rkay – ‘Elated’
12. Eme Kulhnek – Context 003 Master v002′
13. Rkay – ‘Less Is More’
14. Paul Laurens – ‘Paso Doble Guerdon’
15. Hayden F – ‘Urban Pressure’
16. Eme Kulhnek – ‘Context 002 Master v002’
17. Natif Orchestra – ‘Aquella Mañana No Paró de Llover 2’

Filmed and Edited by Joan Martorell
Live Performance with PLAYdifferently MODEL 1