Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will MODEL 1 be available from music stores and local retailers?

    MODEL 1 is available from our select authorized dealers. Use our locator to find the dealer nearest you. Click here to be taken to the locator

  • Is there any kind of limiter on the output?

    No, MODEL 1 does not have a limiter on the output.

  • What is the master EQ? Is it an isolator?

    The master EQ is a three band EQ with asymmetric cut and boost on the master bus with a range of +6dB to -20dB. All of MODEL 1’s controls have been designed to be smooth and intuitive and therefore it is not an isolator.

  • Is there a rotary version?

    Currently there are no plans for a rotary version of MODEL 1.

  • How do the phono pre-amps sound?

    Our phono preamps have been completely redesigned in order to give equal level to all input types including turntables, CDJs and D/A convertors, and to reduce sub frequency feedback. We’ve given considerable attention to the RIAA curve to ensure the pristine sound quality of vinyl is not degraded.

  • What makes the MODEL 1 different?

    MODEL 1 is different in a number of ways. Sound quality is our main priority and we’ve borrowed techniques from the classic analog studio world in order to achieve a high level of warmth and detail, including a fully balanced mix bus which provides MODEL 1 with incredible headroom, a great signal-to-noise ratio and responsive dynamics.

    In addition, instead of the normal fixed EQ system found on most DJ mixers, we’ve integrated an EQ with a sweepable frequency from 70HZ to 7kHZ, allowing more creativity on what you choose to boost or cut. This gives an incredible amount of creative sonic possibilities when combined with our smooth and transparent channel filters, master 3-band EQ and master resonant filter.

  • Does MODEL 1 have any MIDI capabilities?

    No. MODEL 1 is a fully analog audio mixer and does not have any MIDI connectivity or capabilities. We’re spent considerable amounts of time sourcing the best components (faders, knobs and buttons), and connected each one to a specific function in order to combine intuitive functionality and tactile control.

  • Does MODEL 1 have an audio interface built in?

    No. We believe that choosing an audio interfaces or AD/DA convertor is a personal choice similar to choosing cartridges or needles for your favourite turntable and therefore have not integrated any type of digital audio interface. However we have added balanced Tascam DB25 inputs and outputs that can be used for realiable and high quality connectivity to your favourite sound card. See DSUB section for more information about sound cards and connectivity.

  • Why are there two headphone systems on MODEL 1, Cue A and Cue B?

    Our mixer has two independent headphone cue busses. This allows two DJ’s to simultaneously monitor two independent sources, encouraging more collaborative sets rather than back-to-back sets. This system also allows a smoother crossover between artists on a large lineup, allowing the next DJ to pre-listen to their first track without disturbing the current performing artist.

  • What sort of faders does the mixer have?

    The mixer has six high quality 60mm custom-made faders by TDK. We’ve spent considerable time with our ambassador artists finding the best curves that match the feel and functionality of MODEL 1.

  • What sort of warranty will you offer?

    The mixer is backed by our manufacturing and distribution partner Allen & Heath’s 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • Which artists are currently performing with MODEL 1?

    More and more artists are switching over to MODEL 1. In addition to our ambassadors you will find a wide range of Djs such as Jaime Jones, Pig&Dan, and Blackley. MODEL 1’s studio quality sound is suited to more than just Djing. With over 120dB of dynamic range and super smooth filters typically found on studio consoles, MODEL 1 is bridging the gap between DJ and Live performance. Its multiple input channels lends itself to the needs of live performance artists such as Deadmau5, Sebastian Mullaert, Frank Wiedemann, Stephan Bodzin and more.

  • Does the master filter pop or degrade sound quality?

    No. We’ve added a zero crossing detection circuit which minimizes any switching artifacts. Whenever any routing is changed on the mixer by pressing a button, the mixer waits for the audio signal to cross 0V, only then does it change paths. The delay is not noticeable by the user. The end result: minimal audible artifacts when turning master filter or master EQ on and off.

  • Can the stereo return channels be sent to the master filter?

    YES. Both stereo return 1 & 2 can be sent to the master resonant filter by pressing the associated button located between the two returns.

  • I can’t find a record output jack on the back, is the only recording option the front mounted mini ⅛” jack?

    No. Both our Tascam DB25 “Output” and 9pin serial “Mix Link Out” connectors send the fully balanced master 1 signal. These can be used for recording and/or sending master 1 signals to remote satellite speakers. Alternatively Master 2 output can also be used to record.

  • Could I use MODEL 1 in my home studio for producing music?

    YES. MODEL 1’s uncompromising audio quality and unique set of intuitive controls including our precision EQ and channel input “over” drive features make it the perfect creative analog summing mixer and sits well with all types of input sources, including synthesizers, drum machines and effect processors.

  • What is this drive feature all about?

    The "Drive" feature allows you to adjust the level at which the channel pre-amplifier clips the input signal. This gives the performer the opportunity to dial in an amount of harmonic distortion on that channel as a creative effect. For some input sources, for example, older records or unmastered digital demos, the Drive feature can bring warmth and/or an amount of distortion to the signal that might be creatively desirable.

  • What are the crazy looking DSUB connectors on the back of MODEL 1 for?

    Our balanced analog DSUBS connectors use the industry standard Tascam DB25 format and allow for quick & easy connection of up to 8 stereo channels of audio per connector. DSUB’s IN 1 & 2 connect a total of sixteen balanced stereo audio channels starting with channel 1-6 then Return 1 & 2. DSUB OUT sends Master 1, Aux Send 1 & 2 and Cue B.

    For more detailed information on the pin layout for these connectors please consult MODEL 1 User Manual.

    Using the DSUB’s IN & OUT can allow quick connection to computer sound cards (AD/DA convertors) and/or flexible routing options for club installs. As an example, Antelope Audio’s Orion 32+ or UAD Apollo 16 easily connect to all of MODEL 1’s inputs and outputs via three DB25 to DB25 cables.

    Alternatively the DSUB’s can be used to connect to other periphreals by the use of various industry standard breakout cables such as these
    DB25-TRS cables