How I Play

Rhythms & Reflections Studio Sessions with Fabio Florido – Ep 1: Inside the Mix with Fabio Florido

 Fabio Florido takes you step by step through his favourite DJ s

Sculpt EQ

In this article we focus on MODEL 1’s sculpt EQ.

DSUB – What is that?

Everything there is to know about the DSUB connector.


Share how you PLAYdifferently with a studio pic/dj setup that includes MODEL 1!

‘How I PLAY’ video featuring Carl Cox

PLAYdifferently’s ‘How I PLAY’ series continues with a new video featuring Carl Cox discussing his technical set-up with the MODEL 1

How I PLAY: Richie Hawtin MODEL 1 DJ Setup

Richie Hawtin reveals his latest DJ setup, offering a vision of how the digital and analogue worlds merge to create another level of new and exciting sound.