Open Decks Story: Bijan and his MODEL 1

Bijan Marashi attended our open decks event at Club Space Miami in March. He played for 45 minutes through the club’s sound system under the direction of our PLAYdifferently representative and subsequently ordered his own MODEL 1 upon returning home to San Francisco. 

“I got my MODEL 1 a couple days ago, it’s dope! I can’t believe how much better it sounds than my Pioneer. I had to order new cables so I could run more outs to it and my studio but already I’ve routed Ableton channels into it to filter and mix and was shocked at how good it sounds. I have two avalon 747s and this thing can hang in that realm.

I’m using the MODEL 1 as a small footprint mixer for some of my studio hardware as well as my DJ mixer.  The Model 1 brings the mix together beautifully and makes it easy to perform a mix.” – Bijan Marashi

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