Watch: Fabio Florido demonstrations with MODEL 1 in Prato & Genova, Italy

Fabio Florido presents MODEL 1: Prato & Genova, Italy
“On April 7th and 8th, I’ve hosted my first PLAYdifferently public demonstrations plus DJ Sets in Prato and Genova, Italy. It was fun and inspiring to share thoughts, passions and music with you. Thanks everyone for the genuine interest and of course to Freaky Deaky, Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni, RST Events for making this happen. Looking forward for more of these moments together !

The MODEL 1 enables anyone who uses it to unlock their highest creative potential. It’s like when you discover something fantastic and you can’t wait to tell the world. I want to bring MODEL 1 to my country, hoping you will fall in love with it just like I did.” – Fabio Florido