Artist Feature: Pig&Dan

“The MODEL 1 really makes us shine because of its sheer warmth and it’s incredible versatility. It encourages us to push our own creative envelope while in the moment and aids us to shape mixes in ways that have never been possible up until now. “

For more than a decade Pig&Dan have been jamming in the studio, producing musical adventures that hold their signature sound. Apart from their prolific work as producers they’ve been traveling the globe as peak time DJ’s, playing at some of the best events in the world.

Taking full advantage of their studio knowledge and MODEL 1’s dual cue system Pig&Dan were one of the first DJ duos to purchase one.  We had the chance to catch up with them as they stopped through Miami during Miami Music Week for their performance at PLAYdifferently presents at Club Space Miami and ask them why they chose to make the switch.

PD: When was the first time you used the MODEL 1?
P&D: “We were invited to try the mixer out at Richie Hawtin’s place in Berlin. He gave me a very in-depth demonstration and his passion alone already made me feel eager to try the unit out on the field. He leant us a Prototype to tour with for a period of time and it very quickly became apparent that this mixer is superior in comparison to anything we’ve used previously.”

PD: What was your initial reaction?
P&D: “First off of course we were hesitant about the fact that we were used to a four band EQ and this mixer has a very different way of challenging the way we work. We then learned that having the ability to tune our mixes utilizing the Contour cut offs was exactly what we had all been waiting for. Now it’s a “we we can’t live without it” situation..!!”

PD: Is there a particular way in which you feel MODEL 1 has changed the way you perform/sound?
P&D: “Absolutely, we now mix pieces of tracks or vocals into tracks while on the go. We have far more freedom as a duo because we can check through tracks while the other is mixing due to the dual headphone buses. It’s added far more flexibility to our sets and enabled us to push our creative envelope while performing.”

PD: What is your favorite feature of MODEL 1 and why?
P&D: “We both adore the fact you can cut off the frequency that’s needed. It’s not just under the “bass” or “tops” umbrella. For example a kick drum or sub bass is unique on every record so being able to select where the cut off is set gives you the ability to have two Kicks in harmony with each other instead of competing and pushing the systems limiters to the max and flattening the dynamics.”

PD: Why did you decide to switch to MODEL 1?
P&D: “It’s hands down the best mixer on the market and truly leaves the competitors behind due to its deep warmth, dynamic range and versatility. At the end of the day it makes us shine as DJs because we actually sound superior and feel far more comfortable when playing together now.”

Watch Pig&Dan performing on MODEL 1 at Tomorrowland 2016

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