Paco Osuna

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Paco Osuna is one of the most renowned artists in the industry. His creativity and relentless search for new forms of expression are some of his principal and consistent virtues when it comes to making music. He has devoted his career to growth, while simultaneously nurturing the electronic music scene: he is co-founder of Club4, one of the most emblematic clubs in Barcelona, creative head and owner of Mindshake Records and its events concept, and a partner in one of the most important bookings agency in Europe, B4bookings. His use of technology and the constant search for innovation through it has led to the development of his own musical trademark, coating the purest techno sounds with his most characteristic fibres: deep, dark and imaginative beats, always accentuated by his creativity.

It’s important to have a tool that facilitates the musical expression as MODEL 1. The features of the mixer allow me to be much more creative; as it has such precise equalization and such a great range of frequencies, I get to keep using many more tracks at once without making the mixing sound too stuffy. Also, for me it’s essential that all channels have a filter, be it independent or general, as that way I can use six channels at once; and by using the general filter the sound is uniform and compact. The tool I need to maximise my creativity when I'm DJing is finally here... (MODEL 1) PLAYdifferently ATOPE!

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