Artist feature: Carlo Ruetz

“MODEL 1 simply offers everything to create a special energy”

For this artist feature we sat down with an artist who’s productions and DJ sets have dominated the minimal techno scene for some time now, Carlo Ruetz. Carlo is known for starting from scratch with every production, mining deep for unexpected sounds and arrangements, and taking compelling bends and turns while in the DJ booth. His DJ sets truly blur the line between live production and traditional DJing; using tracks as building blocks and layers intertwining to envelope the listeners mind. Since making the move to MODEL 1 his performances have reached an entirely new level of sophistication and flow.

PD: “When were you first introduced to MODEL 1?”

RE: “I was lucky enough to get my hands on MODEL 1 during the PROTOTYPES Tour at the Labyrinth Club, Belgium in 2016. Rich was taking the first MODEL 1 prototypes on tour to get some honest, real life experience based feedback on the mixer to discover ways to fine tune its design. My initial reaction was one of intrigued confusion. I remember thinking to myself ‘it looks and feels high-quality but where are the EQs!?’”

PD: “Is there a particular way in which you feel MODEL 1 has changed the way you perform/sound?”

CR: “I’ll admit the first few times playing on MODEL 1 were a bit strange; it really does force you to think differently about how you approach a mix. It wasn’t long though until everything ‘clicked’ and I began to understand how I can use MODEL 1 to create a special energy in my sets. The sweepable filters allow me to carve out select frequencies out of each record, beautifully blending them together to form a clean and spontaneous moment. Something that is difficult to achieve with the ‘normal’ 3 or 4 band EQ of a traditional DJ mixer. The sound quality has also affected the way I perform. It is hard to put it into words but this mixer truly blends the sounds together making it all sound as if it belongs to one record.”

PD: “Do you think the dance floor reacts differently when you perform on MODEL 1?”

CR: “In a certain way yes. The expanded capabilities give me more options to be creative and spontaneous.”

PD: “What does PLAYdifferently mean to you?”

CR: “In the present time, there are many opportunities to produce or play music. On the one hand this makes it easier to start, but on the other more difficult to get noticed. Playing differently involves a lot: It’s more than just picking the right records, more than just playing a seamless transition. It’s about using the technology available to you to freely express yourself, combining the right records with the right effects for a specific moment to take the people’s minds on a trip. When done correctly all these things can lead you into a special moment. But all this is just my point of view.”

PD: “Why did you decide to switch to MODEL 1?”

CR: ” In the past if someone would have told me that a mixer can change your way of playing, I would not have believed it. But after performing with MODEL 1 I have learned that he high sound quality and new way of manipulating the records’ frequencies uniquely allows me to play like I never did before. I’m continuously discovering new ways to perform with MODEL 1.”

PD: “What is your favorite feature of MODEL 1 and why?”

CR: “The new way of selecting which frequencies are in the mix is my absolute favorite. It feels much better to cut frequencies with a single rotation of a filter sweep than to need to turn multiple knobs. Followed closely by the mixer’s Drive function. Sometimes you feel that something is missing in demos or in your own productions. This feature brings your own tracks or demos on a higher level.”

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