public presentations of MODEL 1

Friday March 24 – PLAYdifferently: In conversation with Richie Hawtin, Louie Vega and David Morales
Richie Hawtin leads a discussion with David Morales and Louie Vega about the art of playing differently, as a paradigm shift occurs in DJ performance. After 25 years of performing on rotary mixers these New York house legends have recently made the switch to the Hawtin-designed MODEL 1. 
Available with WMC accreditation.
Official WMC Hotel: Royal Palm South Beach, 1545 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL.

Friday March 24 – PLAYdifferently at Space, Miami
11pm – 5pm (+1) 

Open-decks all night in the FLOYD room.
Bring your own music and test MODEL 1 in a club environment.
Contact to book your 15 min slot.
Available for ticket holders only. Purchase

Fabio Florido presents MODEL 1: STORIE  Master Class series 
Friday April 07 
Ex Chiesa di San Giovanni
Via San Giovanni 9, 59100 Prato, Italy
Saturday April 08
Teatro Della Tosse
Piazza Renato Negri 4, 16123 Genova, Italy
Saturday April 29
Gravity Records
via Luigi Tarino 7a, 10124 Turin, Italy
Sunday April 30
Goody Music
via cesare beccaria 2 – angolo via flaminia 23, 00196 Rome, Italy

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